Investigating helmets

Hi Rachel, Asma and N Naidoo
I’m really sorry that I did not see your ideas until now. Thank you for investigating helmets for me. Your ideas seem to fit with what other people have told me so I don’t think I will take a cotton wool helmet on my next expedition. Bubble wrap sounds interesting. How did you know that I like popping the bubbles? Good idea about checking what difference the numbers of layers make. I wonder if you have too many layers it would make the helmet too heavy to wear.

Rachel and Asma, you said you are using an egg to pretend to be my head so I am wondering why an egg box wouldn’t work as a crash helmet if they stop eggs breaking.

I still haven’t worked out why there are so many different kinds of helmets for doing different things like cycling and riding a motor bike. I wonder if anyone knows?


My interview

Here’s a message from a new friend Krisztina from Poland. She interviewed me at Science on Stage.

Dear Ricky and Brenda,
Thank you for your interview.
I attached the photo of the interview to this e-mail.
The interview we made,will be published in a local paper.
Thank you very much.

Ricky interview 1024x768 My interview


Photos from Science on Stage

Hi Everyone

I’m home at last! Here are some of the photos from the conference. This is the fantastic school where the conference took place. There were lots of stairs! My little legs got very tired going up and down.

P10003031 1024x768 Photos from Science on Stage

There were some very interesting people there doing all sorts of science. Here are some of them.

P1000317 1024x768 Photos from Science on Stage

P1000319 1024x768 Photos from Science on Stage

P1000321 1024x768 Photos from Science on Stage

P1000328 1024x768 Photos from Science on Stage

What do you think about this car? Wow!

P1000325 1024x768 Photos from Science on Stage

I had a fantastic time.

I’m in Copenhagen!

Hi Everyone I am in Denmark in a place called Copenhagen. I’ve come here to tell lots of science teachers about my blog and how all of you have been helping me to solve my science problems. There’s 300 teachers here – wow! They are very impressed with all your good ideas.

Yesterday I had a masterclass where I had to stand in front of a whole group of teachers and tell them things and answer questions. There I was teaching teachers. How cool is that! I think there are some things that you know about that they didn’t!

I’ve got a display here too! Teachers come to the display and I have to show them the blog and the investigations that you have done.

our stand Im in Copenhagen!

I went to a workshop about learning science by dancing. Think I want to do some more of that. I’m going to make up some of my own dances about science ideas. If you have any good ideas let me know.

I’ll post some pictures soon.



Hi everyone
Sorry I haven’t said hello for a while. Something strange keeps happening. Ever since I got back I keep hearing things about Antarctica – weird. I’m sure that I didn’t hear much about it before I knew I was going. Does that happen to you too. As soon as you know about something it keeps popping up all over the place.

Well, I was having my cornies on Sunday morning. There was a man called David on the radio and he was talking about worms.

worm Worms!

I know I was thinking about going out on my bike so wasn’t concentrating very hard, but I’m sure he said that there aren’t any worms in Antarctica, but there are ginormous worms in Australia that measure over 2 metres long! Is he telling us two porky pies I wonder? OK I didn’t see any worms in Antarctica but they live underground so I wouldn’t, would I? And there is no way a worm could be two metres long. That’s longer than me!!

What do you think? Any ideas?


I’ve been asked to help pick the next lot of teachers!

Hey everyone, guess what? ‘Cos I’m such an expert at this expedition business I’ve been asked to help the Fuchs Foundation pick their next lot of teachers for a trip to Svalbard! No idea where it is, but it sounds very exciting. How cool is that? I think I must have done such a good job when I was in Antarctica that they want me to share some of my new skills with them at the selection weekend. Am going to be heading up to the Peak District in a couple of weeks to meet all the hopeful teachers and we’re going to be doing lots of outdoorsy activities – I’m going to be just like Simon Cowell deciding who I think will do a good job (though I won’t be as mean as him!)

Anyway, I reckoned it would be good to try a spot of climbing with them so we could test out their team work skills but that means I’m going to need to get a helmet. Now I could get one off Steve or Carl but I was looking at all the fantastic helmet designs that the children at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School did and I was thinking that I might try and make one of those instead so I’ll look way cooler than everyone else. The trouble is, I’ve never made a helmet before and I’m not sure what materials I should be using or what shape I should be making it.
ricky helmet 03 I’ve been asked to help pick the next lot of teachers!
ricky helmet 02 I’ve been asked to help pick the next lot of teachers!
ricky helmet 01 I’ve been asked to help pick the next lot of teachers!
ricky helmet 04 I’ve been asked to help pick the next lot of teachers!
Had a look around school and found some different types of helmet – they look a bit different to the ones I’ve used before. Not sure why and I don’t know which is best. Lisa says she’s going to be meeting with a bunch of science co-ordinators next week and she thinks they’ll be able to help me. I hope so! Can anyone else help too?