Following in Scott’s footsteps!

Just found out that this year is a very special year for Antarctic expeditions. It’s 100 years since a man called Scott and his friends set off on his journey to the South Pole and now we are going! His expedition lasted for more than two years. Wow!

robert falcon scott Following in Scott’s footsteps!
Hope we’re not away that long. I’ll miss my Christmas and birthday presents and my Nana’s 70th birthday. She’ll be a bit cross if I miss that. Wonder if we’ll actually go to the South Pole. Bet there’s a very big stick there and that’s why it is called a pole!

Need to find out more about people who’ve been to Antarctica. Have you got any ideas? Lisa says people go and live there to do research. Bet they do some really interesting things. Might give me ideas for what to do when I get there.

Guess where I’m going!

You’ll never guess I’m going to Antarctica with the Fuchs Foundation and a teacher called Lisa! Wow! Jealous or what? Lisa says there’s lots and lots of snow there.

antarctic mountain range Guess where I’m going!
Must be long way away. Bet it will take a whole day to get there. Do you know where it is? It might be the bit at the top or the bit at the bottom. Wonder if there are penguins and polar bears there? I hope they’re not going to eat me! What do you think?